Most of us choosing to embrace this extraordinary new way of being have one foot in the world's greatest discovery and the other tightly bound to the prison of the blame game. One moment we feel inspired to author our own life. The next moment we are bashing Congress for ruining our country. Humanity is depending on us to get both feet out. One person able to get both feet out starts a snow ball down the mountain. For anyone who wants to make snowballs, the no-blame community is the invaluable support team cheering you on to get both feet out.

Ending the blame doesn't mean a community has to be a collection of goody-two-shoes, where passion, personal preferences and different opinions strongly held have no place. Group-think has never solved the people problem. A no-blame community embraces individuation, diversity and differences while fully understanding the physics of our world. Any reaction in you is in you, right? The person who triggered you is a mirror reflecting back your own self-image.  

For people starting out on their journey to evolve, it can be a challenge to maintain a no-blame state of being for even one day. Blame is a belief carried as ancestral memory. It is in our DNA. Blaming others for our own condition is re-enforced by family, partners and Facebook friends. A bedrock of our historical understanding, virtually everyone blames someone else for what goes wrong. Ending the blame is like ending a chronic addiction.

When something "unfortunate' takes place, do your own thoughts, emotions and mitochondrial DNA rush to blame? Do you demand to know, "who is the culprit causing my upset'? Do you point fingers at the politicians, stock market plunge, ex-spouse, wicked weather or terrorist strike so your blame game can fire up? As a predator animal, can the human race ever drop the blame and just get along?            

When you believe that blame is best avoided--that blame is the decision to turn your power over and become a victim--blame can still uncontrollably pour out of you like a flood flashing into your own body chemistry.   

People who blame may believe they never blame. They struggle to understand the concept. They make discernments not blame. Discernments, however, are usually another form of blame. Any comparison that has respect for some and disrespect for others in its emotional charge is blame. The no-blame concept can be daunting to even comprehend.  

Here's is one way to help yourself truly get the picture. Hiding in the shadows of your own unconscious mind, the creator of the world you just condemned is getting ready to serve up your own blame and anger as your next harsh lesson. Ponder that deeply if want to declare, "I don't do blame anymore.'  

Breaking out of the historic addiction to blame is one of the great moments on the journey to evolve. When a blame addict makes the heroic attempt to overcome their ancestors' blame habits as well as their own habitual patterns, a community can be their support team cheering them on. Entering that community, you honor your friends by making a pledge. It is a ritual for every resident. Like taking off your shoes when entering the sacred temple, no blame is the choice to repect the deep purpose of the community. Everyone puts blame aside when approaching the community.      

When you can show by example that your community inspires brilliant solutions without the need to blame, invitations will appear welcoming your non-judging ways. The world has always valued the ability to walk easily in anyone's shoes

A new humanity has entered the world. Comprised of incredible individuals, functioning, loving families, passionate tribes and inspiring communities, you can find the "BE Tribe' virtually anywhere you go. Their smiles, open-curious demeanor and radiant eyes give them away. They live in African villages, Hawaiian islands, Asian rice patties and urban slums. The Be-Tribe is serving up options to the fear and divide that imprisons our world all over.   How about yourself? Are you in?