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A New Way of Living on Earth


We have left the world's unsustainable ship to set sail on our lifeboats and launch a new way of living on Earth. Joining others around the world for the task that is great, we occupy a pivot point during a unique global juncture. Humanity is unsustainable. The public is undecided about what to do. A new generation is called to Be-the-Change that changes the world.



Let us hear from you. Become a Foundation member. Volunteer. Be a Be-Tribe organizer. Help us ignite and mobilize a new generation to change the world. This web site shows you how.


Be The Change


Blaming others will not solve humanity's biggest problems. As today's difficulties and hardship mount, some will wait and some will mobilize. We are called to a great turning in ourselves. Our mission is to Be-the-Change that changes the world.


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